Best Online MBA Programs with Internships

With the advancements in technology, it has become easier to receive your degree online. Many reputed universities have started online MBA programs to assist busy professionals in obtaining higher skills to advance in their careers. This practical and theoretical exposure can provide them new opportunities, which help them climb up in the business sector. 

When an on-campus MBA is not suitable for your busy routines and work, family, and life schedule, you might find it better to complete your MBA online. Thankfully, many big universities offer online MBA programs with an internship to serve your flexible schedules. 

Below we have listed a few reliable options for Best online MBA programs with internships:

1. Gies College of Business: Urbana Champaign

Gies College of Business at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign offers an online MBA degree program for all busy, working students that are interested in advancing their skills through education. They offer four core areas of business education: financial management; managerial economics and business analysis; value chain management; and strategic leadership and management. With quality internship options, they prepare students for a variety of positions such as personal manager, organizational manager, management consultant, and chief executive. 

2. College of Business: Lincoln

This online MBA program run by College of Business at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln prepares students for five specialization tracks; the list includes international business, supply chain management, finance, marketing and business analytics. They provide students with the best internship options in big industries that can open new connections for job opportunities. With this degree, students prepare themselves for various managerial roles in government agencies, finance, investment, and corporate businesses. 

3. School of Business: Hoboken, New Jersey

This online MBA degree program has an internship provides four specialization options: project management, finance, information systems and corporate innovation. After completing course credits and an online internship with some reputed industries worldwide, the students can advance their careers in business analytics, marketing firms, management consultation, and corporate business. 

4. GW School of Business: Washington, D.C

Another amazing opportunity for completing an online MBA degree program with reliable internship options is the GW School of Business. They divide their curriculum between elective and required courses with the following concentrations: global management, finance, consulting, Information system and technology management. Additionally, the internship opportunities prepare students to excel in their career with more exposure to big companies. 

There are so many benefits of doing an online MBA with an internship; the biggest one is that it allows professionals to gain enough experience from reputed industries/companies. As a result, they can apply for great job profiles right after completing their course. However, the disadvantage of doing an MBA online is that the courses are usually extended in duration compared to the regular programs. This means students may take longer to get their degree and enter into a high-profile job. 

You can find several opportunities for doing an online MBA with an internship. The main requirement for getting enrolled in such programs is GRE or GMAT scores. 

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