FREE Quantic Online MBA Program Review

Are you interested in joining an online MBA program to advance your career in the business sector? Although there are plenty of colleges and universities that may help you to complete your degree online, it is good to take into consideration how reputable your school is. 

Quantic was formerly known as the Smartley MBA. Quantic provides an innovative platform for completing an MBA online. With just a few clicks on the screen, you’re eligible to apply for the most exclusive career options. If you are interested in gaining insights about this program, we advise you to go through the Quantic online MBA review below.

What is the Quantic Online MBA?

Quantic is an online study platform that allows students and learning enthusiasts to complete their education with their flexible schedules. They choose candidates based on their academic background, thoughtfulness, career accomplishments, and candor traits written within the application. Their prime focus is to choose early-career professionals that have hidden potential to lead businesses around the world.

Quantic has a huge group of talented students that represent 26 different countries and are from the top 74% of schools in the world. The list includes students from Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Oxford, Yale, Cambridge and many more. They target enthusiasts with work experience from well-known companies such as Amazon, Deloitte, Microsoft, IBM, Siemens, and more. 

Admission Criteria:

Again, this online MBA program is tailored to early-career professionals that come from a variety of industry backgrounds. The admissions office follows highly selective procedures on the basis of prior work experience; however, the minimum requirements for submitting an application are:

  • Undergraduate/ bachelor’s degree
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in a related industry
  • Proficiency in the English language

Usually, the second round for application submission extends until the 30th of January and final admission decisions are made by the 26th of February. The welcome and orientation session is organized for early March, and classes begin on March 9th. 

Candidates are selected through brief interviews, with the best candidates being selected for this highly competitive, free online MBA. 

What are the Steps for Enrolling in Quantic and Advancing my Career?

In order to get to receive your MBA through this innovative platform, you’ll need to sign up for the MBA online. Once you have finished your degree, you’ll be able to apply and search for jobs. Consider following these steps: 

Step 1: Sign up and create a profile

The very first task is to visit the official website and sign up with your essential details. You will have to answer a few questions relevant to your profession and future career expectations. It takes around just 5 minutes to create a profile online.

Step 2: Learn and apply for jobs

Once you complete your program, you can browse exclusive opportunities for jobs online. Send your application materials to employers online to find suitable opportunities for growth in careers.

Step 3: Get discovered online

As soon as you share your profile online, like through LinkedIn, employers start browsing your profile. Future employers will contact you if they think you are a suitable match for any position they have available. 

Step 4: Get hired

Accept the most suitable job offer, and you are now ready to boost your career with a top company or in an innovative start-up.

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